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Sample Answer To A Summons Credit Card Lawsuit

The following is a Sample Answer to a summons that would pertain to a Credit Card Lawsuit:

When you are served a Summons you will have the Complaint attached. Don’t get them confused they are two entirely different court documents.

The Summons is a notification that tells you that you have been sued by the person named below as the Plaintiff and the court indicated.

The nature of the suit will be stated in the Complaint that is most likely attached to the Summons portion of the lawsuit. The complaint will basically tell you why you are being sued, for what amount you are being sued for, and the relief sought or the demand made against you by the Plaintiff.

The last paragraph will have details about how to respond to the complaint and how many days you have to respond before the Plaintiff can file a default judgment against you.

You are answering the Complaint that is attached by looking at the paragraphs that state each count against you. You need to respond to each count against you with a denial or admittance of each count.

I cannot see the complaint in front of you to tell you how to go about doing that plus I’m not a lawyer. Click here to visit

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