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Request for Admissions Credit Card Lawsuit

Request for Admissions are a set of of statements that the Plaintiff sends to the Defendant, and the Defendant sends to the Plaintiff to be answered with an Admission or Denial of the fact.

Sample Admissions would be the following that the Plaintiff may or may not send you or already has:

Admit the Defendant opened a Revolving Charge Card with BANK HERE on or around DATE HERE.

Admit the BANK HERE issued revolving charge card with account #****************.

Admit that the Defendant entered into agreement with BANK HERE.

Admit that the Defendant used Revolving Charge Card with Account Number ***************.

Admit that the Defendant agreed to pay BANK HERE for charges made to Account Number ******

Above a just a few, you can and will get plenty more.

The Collection Attorney wants you to admit the above or deny the above. Remember when dealing with An Assignee of a bank that things are different. Make sure that the Assignee has already proven that you’ve done such things above like providing you with the correct and correctly dated contract, the account number, credit card statements.

What these attorneys like to do is NOT HAVE ANY EVIDENCE then send you off these Admissions and once you Admit it is OVER WITH. Could you imagine admitting to all of these things without them having any evidence to support their case? By you admitting they won’t need any documentation because you just told the court that you’ve done all these things. So before admitting to anything make sure that they have the proper documentation to back up their case.

Alot or almost ALL Collection Attorneys will not have any documents to back up their case. Thus, sending out Discovery to the Plaintiff in hopes that they ADMIT or PROVIDE them and the court with the evidence to help out the Plaintiff win in court. Alot of people are naive, and say oh yeah ok I admit that I did open up this credit card with so and so bank so ADMIT. But, what makes you think they have any proof that you did do this in the first place. By you admitting that you did that, you’ve allowed them to WIN THEIR CASE.

They don’t need any documentation if you are going to be naive and answer ADMIT to things you’ve never seen proof of them having.

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